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Jasons Health Organization

Jasons International is a synergy of multinational humanitarian organizations with aims to bringing hope, health and development to rural communities and indigent citizens around the world, optimal medical emergency response to natural or man-made disasters and raising indigenous health professionals from and for the poor nations and communities in need by offering free basic-to-specialized health (medical) education and training.
In more than a decade, Jasons has become very expansive into many regions of the world, presently operating from Nigeria (for Africa), Barbados (for the Caribbean), Ireland (for Europe), United States (for North America), Ecuador (for South America), Australia (for Austalasia/Oceania) and the Phillipines (for Asia). 

Jasons' operations, members and partners transcend all the major continents of the world involving free total healthcare.
No matter your skill or field, wouldn't you rather join Jasons today?

Our Vision

Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.
Open thy mouth judge righteously and plead the cause of the poor and the needy Prov 31:8, 9

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Jasons Medical Missions or simply Jasons (Vincent Jason Foundation Incorporated and Jasons Health Organization Incorporated) represent multinational philanthro-humanitarian organisations-in-synergy, multifocused to bringing hope, health and development to rural communities; and aim at global disaster emergency calls and free tertiary medical education to the poor nations.
A decade ago, Jasons started free healthcare missions from:
1 oureach per year to over 80 outreaches per year; from 1 Nigerian village to involving more than 12 countries in Africa and Americas; adn evolving into Europe and other parts of the world. Jasons personnel, members, partners, volunteers span more than a thousand enthusiastic health professionals who give free comprehensive healthcare to indigent citizens around the world.

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Jasons Health Organization

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